Over the past few months, I have made it a personal challenge to help as many of you as possible in making your HP Touchpad live up to its potential.  In a perfect world, I would always have an answer to your questions, but there will always be one thing that will stand in my way…

If I can’t duplicate your issue, I can’t find a solution.

This has continuously been a burden for me, especially with those of you who have charging issues.  I personally own two HP Touchpads, and neither one of them have EVER had any form of charging issues. 

Last week, a co-worker presented me with a Touchpad that would not charge.  Any attempt to charge from ANY cable setup would result in…. nothing.  Hard reset did nothing.  It was officially dead.  I was excited, as twisted as that might seem, to have this opportunity to troubleshoot this issue.

I WAS able to revive this Touchpad!  The  solution  was the Touchstone.  Even though the Touchpad would not take a charge from ANY cable, it still sucked up all the juice it needed from the Touchstone.  After a 50% charge from the Touchstone, the Touchpad was able to receive the remaining charge it needed from a cable.  I have checked with my co-worker, and he has been consistently successful in charging his Touchpad using his normal cable since I introduced it to my Touchstone. 

But what happened?  Is this an indication that there is a hardware problem?  Or is this somehow software related?  I do not have an answer for this question.  All I know, is that a Touchstone has the capability to revive a dead HP Touchpad that refuses to charge from a cable.

I hope this info helps those of you with this problem.


-Rev. Kyle


If you are looking for a resource to purchase a Touchstone, look here.

HP Touchstone Charging Dock for TouchPad