Greetings HP Touchpad Users!

Jcsullins has finally released a preview build of Jelly Bean.  This is very similar to what you saw in my Teaser video a few weeks back.

Some notes:

-No Sound or mic

-No video acceleration


-Lots of games and apps don't work

-Other stuff is not perfect

-No ready to be a daily use ROM

I do NOT recommend that you install this.  That is why I am NOT making a video on how to install it.  But, since I know some of you just can't wait, I am providing links to the files needed.  Flash them in ClockWorkMod or TWRP... AT YOUR OWN RISK!


The ROM -


MAKE BACKUPS!  After you flash these files, you need to do a FACTORY RESET.  In other words, you are going to LOSE EVERYTHING on your Touchpad in order to install this.  If you don't do the Factory Reset, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.  If you decide that this isn't a good build for you, you will want to reflash back to an ICS ROM or restore your backup.

Again, I want to stress, THIS ISN'T READY FOR DAILY USE YET.  You are loading this for bragging rights and to mess around with it.

Please post all of your thoughts, comments, questions in the REVTV FORUM.

Happy Flashing!