There is currently a lot of commotion in the Kindle Fire HD dev community about custom ROMs.  Thanks to the wonderful work of Hashcode and his Safestrap utility, we will soon be able to load a custom ROM onto the Kindle Fire HD.  This will allow the device to shed it's one crippling feature, the custom OS that Amazon was so "nice" to use.  I have offered up my own Kindle Fire HD to Hashcode as the test unit for getting this up and running.  

Once all of the bugs are worked out, we will throw a ROM on it, and I will make a video to share this with the world.  Be patient, as there are several steps that still need to be done, but rest assured that it is ON THE WAY.


For more information on Hashcode's Safestrap utility, you can go here:


It is coming...  The one feature that will make the Kindle Fire HD a true competitor in the 7 inch tablet market.


Stay Tuned!